An Exploration of Managed Engineering Services

Engineering is the engine that drives innovation, carrying an idea from conception to realization. While giant corporations typically have in-house engineering departments, smaller businesses can struggle with rising production and labor costs.

Managed engineering is a cost-effective solution for companies that need more personalized long-term engineering support.

Read on to learn how our managed engineering services can benefit you by providing a dedicated engineering staff at your disposal.

How Managed Engineering Empowers Your Success

It’s no secret that costs are on the rise. From materials to staffing, cost-benefit analyses can stop many projects in their tracks. One of the primary victims of rising prices is small and mediumsized businesses— many of which are the drivers of innovation. Since engineering costs can quickly balloon beyond a modest budget, smaller innovators are looking to managed engineering to bolster their manufacturing muscle.

At Up-Rev, we understand the immersive power that expert engineering provides. Our managed engineering services give you all the benefits of an in-house engineering staff without the associated overhead. Our full-service management solution gives you the freedom to innovate without worrying about the details which typically plague projects.

Personalized Project Management

An orderly, efficient process begins with solid management. A dedicated and responsible program manager will be assigned to you for the duration of service. The program manager will be fully responsible for ensuring the success of your engineering projects.

They will handle the allocation of resources, align goals, and provide clear direction to accomplish your vision. With your personal program manager, you have a single point-of contact, giving you easy access to your team and eliminating confusion.

Full Resource Handling

We will source everything your project needs; whether additional services or other resources, we’ve got you covered. You won’t need to be concerned with inconsistent quality or untimely delays from third parties.

Additionally, with access to our Managed Manufacturing services, your project is fully supported throughout every phase of development. Our agile team can plan for and adapt to any change in resource requirements that may arise during a project’s life cycle.


The fees associated with managed engineering are far more stable and predictable— especially for long-term projects. Each year, companies scrap countless ventures due to budget constraints or high costs.

With managed services, you can proceed with confidence, know your up-front costs, and budget accordingly. As a bonus, we offer perks such as an 8% hourly discounted rate, reduced materials markup, and guaranteed rates for the duration of service. With Up-Rev, the only surprises you’ll find will be our exceptional quality!

The Future of Product Development

As our world changes and grows, companies will need to utilize every competitive advantage to bring their products to market with speed, quality, and reliability. Having an experienced and dedicated team to streamline the engineering process can allow small startups to thrive in established markets.

For over ten years, Up-Rev has been fueling innovation, overcoming boundaries, and redefining possibilities. Our team of expert researchers, designers, and engineers is waiting to make your dream a reality. Contact us today, and let’s build the future together!

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