How Adding Outsourced Engineers Helps Manufacturers Innovate

Bringing new products to market is the lifeblood of manufacturing companies. Innovation drives success, and engineering drives innovation. Yet, many companies do not have the engineering resources available to support their need for product innovation. 

Even if your company has a well-staffed engineering department, it can be challenging and often costly to fill the gaps in the wide range of expertise needed to bring new products to life. Outsourcing is the perfect way to complement your existing engineering teams and enable them to innovate faster. And for some companies, it’s the only way add innovation capabilities to their teams.  

Here are the four most commonly outsourced engineering capabilities and how outsourcing can benefit your product development process. 

1. Design 

Successfully developing an idea into a workable design often takes a different approach and cadence than most internal engineering teams find normal. When product ideas get stuck in the planning stages and remain “on the drawing board,” it’s time to bring in additional resources. 

• We Utilize the Latest Technology to Visualize Your Design 

Using Computer Aided Design (CAD), we rapidly create a working 3-D model of your idea, and test for functional or usability flaws virtually. 

2. Electrical Engineering 

When you’re designing a new PCB, avionics, medical device, or other electronic devices, understanding how to make the electrical circuitry work is often like solving a puzzle without clues.  

• Advanced Circuit Analysis for Security and Safety 

At Up-Rev, our electrical engineers analyze and test the concept and then provide the working design for your product. We ensure that your product functions safely, effectively, efficiently, and reliably using proven validation and testing methods. 

3. Mechanical Engineering 

As one of the broadest disciplines, mechanical engineering is also one of the most outsourced services. Mechanical engineering often touches all phases of the development process: design, prototyping, testing, and production. 

• Proven Processes to Reach Your Development Goals 

Our mechanical engineers have seen and done it all, and they are experts at creating the specific user experience hardware that resonates with your target markets.  

4. Software Engineering 

Designing electronics hardware is important, because this is what the end user sees in the final product. But every piece of hardware needs software to make it work. And reliable software is a key for production readiness. Many companies use outsourced software developers because they are known as the SWAT team of the engineering world.  

• Designing Efficient Software with Reliable Results 

At Up-Rev, we understand that exceptional software engineering is the heartbeat of great hardware and we have built a team of software engineering problem solvers who are here to support your product development needs. We help with UX and UI design and plan, test, and implement the final code. 

Let Us Bring Your Idea to Life! 

Up-Rev’s outsourced engineering support team guides your product through each development stage, from proof-of-concept to user-experience and final product. Our experienced team of design experts enable in-house engineering teams to innovate faster and more cost effectively. 

• Outsourcing is the Wind that Powers Your Product Development Innovation 

As we have seen in this article, when new product development project requirements seem overwhelming, outsourcing makes sense for many electronics manufacturers. Whether you’re just starting with a new project or are currently stuck at a particular stage of development, we can help you bring your product to life.  

Contact us today for a free consult, and let’s build something together! 

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