How Outsourcing Engineering Fosters Innovation

Innovation is essential for the long-term success of any business. Many companies have come and gone due to losing their competitive edge which was the result of their lack of innovation. This includes familiar names such as IBM, Kodak, Nokia, Blockbuster and Toshiba. A company that doesn’t remain on the cutting edge will stagnate, or worse.

Generating new product ideas is easy, but many of these ideas get stuck in the ideation stage and never see the light of day. Fully developing an idea into a working product takes a budget, timeline, project plan and the right engineering resources, which many companies don’t have due to their focus on production.

Companies without the internal infrastructure to innovate turnto third-party engineering services to bolster their ability to develop new products and remain competitive.  Here are several common outsourced engineering services that complement existing manufacturing engineering teams and foster their ability to drive innovation forward.

1.  Design Services

Every great product starts as an idea. The next step in the process is to turn that idea into a workable prototype. Creating a design takes an understanding of how all of the components necessary for the product to function work together, and engineers need to quickly spot problems and identify solutions in the design phase of product development.

Outsourcing design engineering is an ideal way to breathe life into a challenging project, and at Up-Rev, we can help you avoid common design pitfalls.  Utilizing our advanced 3-D modeling,  we visualize and test hypotheses and designs while saving time and manufacturing costs.

2.  Systems Engineering

Designing complex systems can be an overwhelming task for even the most well-staffed department. These systems may include some or all of these: software, hardware, electrical or mechanical. Each system presents unique challenges that require specialized engineering skills.  

At Up-Rev, we have a dedicated team of system engineering professionals who have a wide variety of experiences and accomplishments who work together to integrate even the most difficult systems.

3.  Electrical Engineering

When it comes to integrated circuits, there is no room for error. Whether you’re designing new cellphone components, toys, or high-end industrial equipment, designing functional electronics is key to the new product’s success.

Up-Rev’ team of engineers have years of experience designing flawless IC’s and PCBs for any electronic application.

4.  Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering can be the most expensive and time-consuming area of project development. The most imaginative designs must still adhere to physics, and visionary mechanical engineers are vital to a project’s success.

Because mechanical engineering is such a vast field of study, outsourcing is often the most economical option for many companies. From R&D to testing and production, Up-Rev helps manufacturing companies avoid costly redesigns and production delays.

5.  Software Engineering

If hardware is the body of a project, software is the brain. As such, software can make or break a project. While creating reliable software is a key new product development success criteria, normal manufacturing environments don’t often need or have a dedicated team of software architects on board.

Up-Rev’s software specialists design software systems that meet current and often future software requirements. Our software engineers create the code for the needed software applications and then write code that converts that design into a set of instructions a computer can follow.

Engineering From Core to Store

Wherever you are in your current new product development process, our engineering team turns today’s dreams into tomorrow’s products. Let our talented engineers ignite your company’s innovative spirit and bring your new ideas to market.

Take advantage of our free consultation to learn how we can assist you in engineering the future!

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