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So, you’ve partnered with an Engineering Services company to help you bring your new product idea to life and you have a production ready prototype. What do you do next? Large scale production facilities are designed for large scale production. One solution is to partner with an outsourced engineering company that not only intimately knows the design and build of the new product, but takes ownership managing the new product through the early production stages.  

Assembly and Production Readiness

Large scale production readiness requires that the product is easy and cost effective to manufacture. With new products, the design will continue to evolve during the early production stages, as engineers test and refine the production process, looking for ways to improve the efficiency of production and drive cost reductions in design elements. This early stage production phase needs engineering oversight and management, which can be disruptive in a large production facility.

Steps in the early production phase:

1) Design Verification Testing (DVT).

 Each functional requirement of your new product should be verified through a test, inspection, and/or analysis process called Design Verification Testing.

2) Complete the product’s documentation.

Manufacturing best practices require clear and accurate documentation, also known as “drawing compliance.” Your outsourced engineering and manufacturing partners develop this documentation for your new product, making it production ready for large scale manufacturing.

3) Early production user experience testing.

By showing the first run products to a few trusted customesr who will use it in a real world environment and test it’s functionality, you’ll uncover issues that often won’t show up in a lab or production environment. Resolving these issues before taking the product to large scale production, saves money, time and frustration.

4) Scale up production in batches and continue to refine and improve the process.

While there are many Contract Manufacturers (CMs) available for outsourced manufacturing, CMs by nature are geared to produce fully documented products. By using an outsourced engineering and manufacturing partner for this stage of production, you don’t have to worry whether your CM is looking for ways to improve the producability of your product during the early manufacturing stages. We do it for you, working closely with the CM.

Your Reliable Engineering Partner

Whether you are a new to product innovation or a large manufacturer that needs to add innovation to your capabilities, Up-Rev is your engineering and manufacturing partner. We provide expertise from a variety of engineering disciplines, giving you access to the talent you need, when you need it.

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