Real Men Wear Pink

Wear Pink. Save Lives.

Why I Wear Pink:

Breast cancer affects everyone, including my family. I am lucky to say, I have two amazing aunts who fought and beat breast cancer. I do not want to watch anyone suffer from breast cancer, but statistically speaking, I worry who may be next. That’s why I’m stepping up to fight breast cancer! My team, my company, and my friends and family are standing with me, against breast cancer. My company, Up-Rev, would be honored to help, but we cannot do it alone. I am proud to stand by the other Real Men Wear Pink candidates, my team, and my company, knowing together, we WILL make a difference.

At Up-Rev, we are engineers and scientists who solve things and build the impossible. I’m hoping my participation can get us at least one step closer to a breakthrough. I have built a unique company and am in the position to help Brevard stand together, and realize together, we have a voice. We are Brevard, 321 lift off, home of the iconic space shuttle and full of some of the smartest and nicest people in the country..

As a 2017 Real Men Wear Pink of Brevard candidate, I’m commiting to help save more lives from breast cancer by raising money, awareness, and support.

I cannot wait for you to meet my aunts and see why we must, together, fight cancer.

Why I Support the American Cancer Society


That felt like a four letter bad word, but now, I’m proud to further my help with American Cancer Society. They do more than most people will ever know. Every day they save lives, from breast cancer to a toddler with lymphoma. ACS, is helping people take steps to reduce their risk of  cancer and assist with early detection.

Did you know, right here in Melbourne, ACS can provide free information and services when and where people need it? They fund groundbreaking  cancer research and they’re working hard to help our neighbors and friends. Knowing Brevard And American Cancer Society, are working so hard, we have have to work hard too. Up-Rev and I ready for the challenge. Are you up to help?

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