The Value of Remote Work

Working from home used to be somewhat niche. However, since the global pandemic, working from home has become part of the new normal. What was once partially stigmatized in certain circles is now a boon.

This article explores some of the benefits of remote workers and why companies may want to prefer remote employees in the future.

Four Benefits of Remote Workers
As a manager, bringing on new talent can be equally exciting and challenging. Generally, you

want someone dependable, reliable, and available. It may surprise you to learn that a remote employee can fit the role just as well, if not more so, than a traditional office worker. Here are four reasons why you might want to turn to remote workers for your next hire.

1. Enhanced Safety

It’s no secret that COVID-19 put everyone on high alert regarding health and safety. The good news is that with current technology, employees can now perform many traditional office jobs remotely with little setup required.

Video conferencing can facilitate meetings, and workers can transmit office memos via e-mail or chat. The only downside? No one can raid the office refrigerator.

2. Greater Cost Reduction

To a particular extent, the cost reduction aspect of remote work may be apparent. What might not be so obvious is how considerable the savings could be— for both the company and the employee.

With so many positions able to be effectively performed remotely, the need for large office spaces, furnishings, and equipment isn’t as necessary. Even as parts of the country begin to reopen, companies find less of a need for traditional office trappings since they have operated remotely for most of 2020.

For the employee, cost reduction comes from savings on transportation, which can be substantial monthly or yearly.

3. Improved Productivity

The productivity component of remote work has been met with some skepticism, especially working from home. However, 2020 has shown the drive and determination of the modern workforce to meet unprecedented demands and challenges, exceeding goals and producing results.

Several studies have suggested that worker productivity increases between twenty and forty percent when employees work from home. The reasons for this vary from a less stressful environment to no travel time; regardless, the results are significant.

4. Greater Diversity

One surprising good point came from 2020; while some people lost their positions during the pandemic, companies rediscovered another group. Physically challenged people found themselves with new opportunities that were previously unavailable.

Due to the safety restrictions, everyone was suddenly on equal ground. The challenged were now competing in the same space as the non-disabled— everyone was working from home.
This paradigm shift uncovered a hidden workforce that we were largely oblivious to.

Remote Work Can Work For You

As we continue to navigate the uncharted waters of a post-pandemic world, we need to continually adapt and evolve new ways to enhance productivity and cultivate fresh talent. Remote workers have been an extensive untapped resource, one which we have discovered is precious.

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