What is Innovation Engineering?

Project innovation is an essential part of success. When creating a new product, there’s a risk of venturing into unknown territory due to the process lacking clarity, which introduces delays.

The solution lies in innovation engineering because it facilitates the principles, planning, and methodology to identify and solve manufacturing issues in advance and eliminates risk. Innovation engineering provides a proven set of methods, giving you a clear roadmap to bring your project from initial design to finalized product.

Elements of Innovation Engineering

Innovation engineering methodology concisely and coherently guides your project through the stages of development, eliminating wasted time, activity, and process. Up-Rev uses innovation engineering principles to provide leadership and focused on your project’s main objectives.

Analysis and Planning

Most delays in a project’s development (especially when real innovation is critical) are due to unforeseen issues, such as expenses, inefficiencies, or other setbacks. Often, these roadblocks are identifiable and avoidable through proper initial planning.

The planning process should include an analysis of past projects, decisions, and outcomes. Detailed analysis prevents errors by linking your past decisions with results, allowing you to make informed decisions.

KPI Identification

After planning comes KPIs – milestones and deliverables; this is where you will define the specific goals or targets you want your project to meet. Sometimes, inexperienced companies will be eager to begin development and skip this crucial step but identifying precise targets and a unified vision is essential to success.

Development and Testing

Once you have created a plan, the development process moves to the next phase which includes product testing.

Continued testing needs to occur at regular intervals during the development phase.

The variables that must be regularly checked and verified in development include hardware and software functionality, along with properly operating sensors and circuits. Continued testing enables a rapid response to any issue that may arise, mitigating delays and minimizing cost.

Your Innovation Engineering Solution

When implementing innovation engineering into your design process, you need a partner that understands your needs, goals, and values, with the expertise to deliver reliable results.

At Up-Rev, we have dedicated engineering and project management professionals ready to guide your project from idea to reality, implementing innovation engineering principles seamlessly into your project workflow.

Contact us today for a free consultation and let us provide the engineering resources that fuel your innovation.

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